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Get more value out of waste with ZenRobotics. We have been serving frontrunning recycling companies since 2007, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate waste sorting and make outdated, inefficient and unsafe manual sorting a thing of the past with safe sorting robots.

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Your operations stand to benefit from AI-based sorting, whatever your starting point.

Whether you want to modernize your existing facility with smart robotics or invest in a new fully automated recycling plant, we have you covered. Here are three options for how you can robotize and automate your waste operations, as demonstrated by several operators around the world here

Standalone Solution

Fully automated and independent waste sorting station

Retrofitted Solution

Integrate waste sorting robots into your existing facility

Greenfield Solution

Design a new large-scale facility around smart robotics

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ZenRobotics has the right robot for every sorting need. The Heavy Picker for bulky waste like C&D, the Fast Picker for light packaging waste and an all might industrial AI with more than a decade of experience from recognising and sorting high quality recyclables from around the world.


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Waste Types

ZenRobotics can handle diverse waste streams.

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Meet Our Robots

Our robots are helping operators in 15+ countries worldwide to extract higher value out of waste, get actionable data and reach ambitious circular economy goals.

Heavy Picker

For heavy and bulky waste materials

Fast Picker

For lightweight waste materials


The AI inside our robots

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Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest industry news and events.

Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics Working Hand-In-Hand

Terex Recycling Systems (TRS)—manufacturer of modular recycling products—and ZenRobotics—global leader in smart robotic recycling have expanded their sales team with several new appointments to represent all of Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Australasia. This team is trained to represent both TRS and ZenRobotics to offer customers a complete solution for turning waste into clean, raw materials.

Both businesses are part of Terex, a global manufacturer of aerial work platforms and materials processing machinery. Terex Recycling Systems was established in 2021 to specialise in the design and build of stationary and modular recycling systems, while ZenRobotics was acquired by Terex in 2022 to further enhance environmental expertise across its portfolio and contribute towards making a circular economy more possible. 

“Working together, Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics integrate cutting-edge AI technology into modular sorting solutions that are tailored specific to customer’s needs,” says Kenny Hull, Product & Commercial Manager of Terex Recycling Systems. “Our sales team is trained up on both businesses—this joint up approach means that their support and product knowledge can be spread across existing and new customers for both brands, expanding our ability to offer end-to-end recycling solutions.”

Marcel Vallen – Sales Manager, TRS and ZenRobotics has almost 40 years’ experience in the environmental industries. Marcel started his career by running the day-to-day business for several recycling facilities, after which he focused on designing, building, and selling new recycling facilities across Europe and North America. With his environmental engineering background, he has a deep understanding in current, cutting edge, recycling needs. Marcel now represents North America for both TRS and ZenRobotics.

Rainer Rehn – Sales Manager, TRS and ZenRobotics has more than 30 years’ experience in the environmental industry. Starting out his career with an entrepreneurial spirt, Rainer designed and delivered recycling systems, such as RDF and SRF production systems, special recycling systems and other related material handling processes. After this, Rainer spent 10 years working at BMH, one of the biggest solid fuel handling system suppliers in the world, during which he worked on the development and distribution of the Tyrannosaurus shredders and BMH recycling systems. Reiner has worked for ZenRobotics since 2008, developing the market for robotic recycling robots that are powered by artificial intelligence, and now covers Scandinavia and Central Europe for both TRS and ZenRobotics.
Michael McMenamin – Regional Sales Manager for TRS and ZenRobotics, has over 15 years’ experience in the recycling equipment sector. Solutions focused, Michael believes in listening carefully to and working with customers to provide the best solution for their project. Michael now represents TRS and ZenRobotics in the UK and Ireland.
Robert Murray – Regional Sales Manager for TRS and ZenRobotics, has five years’ experience working in the materials processing industries, most recently in the handling of bulk material and wet material processing. He decided to transition to the environmental sector to encounter new challenges within the burgeoning circular economy. Robert now represents TRS and ZenRobotics across Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Australasia.
Juha Mieskonen - Sales Director for TRS and ZenRobotics, has 20 years’ experience across materials processing industries to include power sector, cement, pulp & paper, and waste management; biomass, solid waste, solid fuels, recycling, and other bulk materials handling; crushers & shredders, screens, conveying technology, sorting equipment and complete systems. He is now looking after the sales team of TRS and ZenRobotics, with his own territories including France, Finland, China, Korea and Japan.

“There are many synergies across TRS and ZenRobotics, and now we have a great team in place to exchange ideas and experiences. Combined, our sales team has over 100 years’ experience in the environmental industries—our customers will benefit from us working together, tapping into the true global potential of advanced recycling technologies,” says Kenny Hull.

Terex continues to sell the new product ranges through its extensive distribution network, with its established dealers providing local project management and aftersales support and ensuring end users get the best possible support and most competitive offering.