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EvoQuip has been integral to the diversification and growth journey of Outlaw Excavating, an excavating company based in Tucson, Az.

Outlaw Excavating was founded in 2005 by Cody White who, born and raised on a farm in Kansas, found himself operating machinery for many different agriculture applications.  He relocated to Tucson, Arizona to join an IT company, with the goal of progressing towards a career in Architecture.  However, he was soon employed by a company specialising in pool construction, a common construction project in the beautiful Arizona climates. By 2004, Cody had the confidence to establish his own company, Outlaw Excavating.  Specializing in pool construction and beginning with a skid steer, the company soon added a mini excavator, then a dump truck to its fleet.  Outlaw Excavating enjoyed rapid growth in the economic boom of the mid 2000’s, employing 13 people and a small fleet of trucks.  However with the 2008/9 recession, Cody remembers work grinding to a halt and needing to reduce the team to being just himself and his brother employed by the business.  

Once the recession was over however, Outlaw Excavating began to grow rapidly, diversifying into various excavation projects and culminating in a current fleet of 16 trucks and over 35 employees.  In early 2020, Cody had a job contract that required over 5,000 yards of screened dirt and gravel, which saw him approach Gerald McCarthy of Powerscreen Western, a Terex distributor representing Powerscreen and EvoQuip equipment across Arizona and part of Nevada.  

Gerald recommended a Colt 600 for the job—a compact and aggressive forward-facing screen that can work in aggregates, sand and gravel, top soil, construction demolition and recycling applications where site space is at a premium, being small enough to fit inside a container for transport. While being the smallest scalping screen in the EvoQuip line up, its 308 US tph output potential pleased Cody, saying “It still impresses me today what that little screener can do, and it can even go on a tagged trailer”. 

Cody began bringing materials back to his yard in Tucson, originally consisting of gravel and dirt but he soon recognized the need to recycle concrete, rock and asphalt from his jobsites. By 2021, Cody was removing so much concrete, rock and asphalt from jobsites, he needed to rent a crusher to process the material.  From that, he began making spec materials that he could not only use on his own job sites, but market them to other contractors in the construction industry.  

“It was a game changer for us to be able to use our own materials,” said Cody. “Gerald provided a Powerscreen 320 Trackpactor for the rental and brought with him a lot of training and support for a customer who was new to the crushing industry.”

By the end of 2021, with the COVID-19 pandemic in the rearview mirror, Cody decided it was time to own a Jaw crusher for the concrete, rock and asphalt applications he was dealing with.  Gerald supplied an EvoQuip Bison 280 jaw crusher—perfect for an entry level contractor that is looking for a jaw that can be closed in tighter to make reusable products. The growth story of Outlaw Excavating continues in 2022, with the decision to purchase a compact impact crusher to make dense grade products from his concrete and asphalt. Their choice was an EvoQuip Cobra 230 with a 4 bar rotor and hydraulic controlled aprons.  “Having both the Jaw and Impactor allows us to handle a bigger variety of inbound materials while making better spec’d products for our jobsites and for our customers,” said Cody. 

Andrew Lawrence, EvoQuip Sales Director for North America said, “EvoQuip offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to address the needs of the compact crushing and screening markets. The impressive growth story of Outlaw Excavating shows how our equipment is ideal for companies new to our industry who are keen to grow and diversify their portfolio of equipment to tap into new markets. User friendliness is at the heart of the EvoQuip brand and as new products are developed the focus is always on simplicity, easy maintenance, fuel efficiency and ease of transport. They are the perfect equipment for entry-level contractors.”

If you are a contractor who may be interested in doing something similar, reach out to the EvoQuip team at https://www.terex.com/evoquip/en/ or Powerscreen Western at https://powerscreensales.com/

If you are in the Tucson area looking for aggregates for construction visit Outlaw Excavating at http://www.outlawexcavating.com/ or, for crushing and screening equipment contact Gerald at Powerscreen Western (https://powerscreensales.com/)