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Rent an EvoQuip machine for minimal downtime and maximum production.

The crushing, screening and conveyor rental business has developed into a multi-billion-dollar industry globally and continues to grow across the globe.

EvoQuip dealers provide a 1 stop shop for machine sales, rentals, parts and service. What makes our equipment ideal for the rental market? It’s our reputation for producing reliable machines with minimal downtime and excellent fuel economy. For operators our machines are easy to use and give impressive performance with low operating costs in a wide range of applications.

The addition of telematics to the EvoQuip range has been a huge benefit to the rental market, making it easier to evaluate machine usage and hours worked, billing and scheduled maintenance. Customers can easily calculate cost per tonne.

Each market will have its own unique rental models, whether it be Rent-to-Rent (R2R) or Rent-to-Buy (R2B), either way your local dealer can help find you the right machine.

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