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Bison | Jaw Crushers

Bison Jaw Crushers
Bison Jaw Crushers provide class leading productivity, unmatched versatility and excellent fuel efficiency. The EvoQuip range of jaw crushers are designed to have quick set up times, simple intuitive operation and ease of transport, making this machine an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.
  • Bison 35 Small Jaw Crusher

    Bison 35

    The Bison 35 is a small jaw crusher, providing an ideal solution for construction companies and contractors who want to recycle their construction and demolition waste onsite. The ability to adjust the jaw setting and operate the plant fully from the remote control allows for a fast and simple set up for the customer

    Specification Value
    Transport Length 14' 7" 4.45m
    Transport Width 4' 11" 1.5m
    Transport Height 6' 9" 2.05m
    Jaw Inlet 19" x 10" 480mm x 250mm
    Output Potential 34 US tph 30 tph
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  • Bison 120 Compact Jaw Crusher

    Bison 120

    The Bison 120 is a compact jaw crusher has been specifically designed for operators for whom versatility, maneuverability and transportability are of key importance. It is compact enough to fit inside a container for transport but strong enough to withstand the toughest of applications

    Specification Value
    Transport Length 18' 4" 5.58m
    Transport Width 7' 6" 2.28m
    Transport Height 9' 2.74m
    Jaw Inlet 27" x 16" 680mm x 400mm
    Output Potential 90 US tph 80 tph
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  • Bison 160Hook-lift Jaw Crusher

    Bison 160

    The Bison 160 Hybrid hook-lift jaw crusher is an ideal crusher for waste contractors who can utilize existing hook-lift vehicles to either bring material to depot for processing or alternatively bring the jaw crusher to the waste on site – turning waste into profit whilst providing excellent productivity and fuel efficiency.

    Specification Value
    Transport Length 22’ 8” 6900mm
    Transport Width 7’ 7” 2300mm
    Transport Height 8’ 2” 2500mm
    Jaw Inlet 28" x 20" 700mm x 500mm
    Output Potential 110 US tph 100 tph
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  • Bison 280 Portable Jaw Crusher

    Bison 280

    The Bison 280 a compact and aggressive portable jaw crusher featuring the proven Terex ‘900mm x 600mm’ single toggle jaw crusher. This machine utilizes an extremely fuel efficient and powerful ‘Direct Drive’ system to power the crusher which provides excellent performance in recycling, contracting and quarrying industries. Its compact size, quick set-up times, ease of transport and user friendly control system makes the Bison 280 the ideal solution for all small to medium sized operators.

    Specification Value
    Transport Length 40' 8" 12.4m
    Transport Width 7' 10" 2.4m
    Transport Height 10' 6" 3.2m
    Jaw Inlet 36" x 24" 900mm x 600mm
    Output Potential 220 US tph 200 tph
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