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Finlay Australia receive the first RT-140 Telescopic Conveyor!

Kudos to the team at Finlay Australia who have reached another milestone with the delivery of the FIRST RT-140 Telescopic Conveyor! 

The Finlay RT-140 is essential for producers who want to make a consistent quality product and reduce segregation, degradation, compaction and contamination of material in the stockpile.

The machine has eight automated storage modes and the telescopic movement of the conveyor increases the storage capacity by 30% when compared to a standard radical tracker of the same length. The RT-140 excels in sites with a limited footprint and can load or unload by truck, rail or barge. 

This exciting delivery is expected to be a big hit particularly in sites with a limited footprint and is now available for sale or hire - located in Finlay Brisbane! 


With a maximum discharge height of 14.4m (47’ 2’’) and configured to operate at 270° of radial movement the machine can stockpile an impressive 90,000 tonnes (99,200 US tonnes) of the material without intervention or the use of secondary equipment. 


  • Reduce costs
  • Increase your stockpile capacity
  • Reduce on-site traffic
  • Eliminate double handling of material
  • Increase production, maximising uptime
  • Increased profits












Technical Specifications:

Length 42m (100’)
Width 900mm (36”)
Discharging Height 14.6m (47’11”)
Capacity More than 600tph


View more information about the Finlay RT-140 here - https://bit.ly/3SmQPbP