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Company History

Finlay Crushing and Screening

Historical Overview

1953: John Finlay manufactures his first block making machine.

1958: First Finlay mobile screening unit introduced to UK and Irish markets.

1976: Screening production relocated to a purpose built manufacturing facility in Omagh, Northern Ireland.

2005: Begin manufacturing tracked mobile crushers. Launch J-1175 jaw crusher and I-1312 impact crusher.

2006: Introduction of I-110 impact crusher. Second generation 883 heavy duty scalper launched.

2007: Introduction of J-1160 jaw crusher, I-110RS impact crusher with detachable screen and recirculation system, Introduction of C-1540 cone crusher.

2008: Introduction of the 984 horizontal screen, the C-1540RS cone crusher with detachable screen and recirculation system and a second generation J-1175 jaw crusher.

2009: Introduction of J-1480 jaw crusher and I-130 impact crusher.

2010: Introduction of C-1550 cone crusher and launch of second generation 693+ and 694+ inclined screens.

2011: Introduction of 863 heavy duty scalper.

2012: Introduction of 684 inclined screen, J-1170 jaw crusher and I-100 impact crusher.

2013: Introduction of 694+ diesel/electric inclined screen, 883 Spaleck heavy duty scalper, 893 heavy duty scalper and 1-100RS impact crusher.

2014: Introduction of Dual Power Train:- C-1540 dual power cone crusher, J-1175 dual power jaw crusher, 694+ dual power inclined screen. Also the introduction of the C-1550 cone crusher, J-1170AS jaw crusher, J-960 jaw crusher, J-1175 dual power jaw crusher, 694+ 693+ Spaleck inclined screen, 883+ and 883+ Spaleck heavy duty screener

2015: Introduction of 873 heavy duty scalper, 873 Spaleck heavy duty scalper, J-960 jaw crusher, C-1545 cone crusher, C-1545P cone crusher, C-1554 cone crusher

2016: Introduction of T-link Telematics system across our full range of Crushers, I-140 Impact Crusher, 674 inclined screen, 873 heavy duty screen, Dual Power configuration for our 883+ and 873 heavy screeners

2017: I-140RS Impact Crusher, J-1170 (Direct Drive) Jaw Crusher, J-1160 Jaw Crusher, TC-65 Conveyor, TC80 Conveyor, I-120RS Impact Crusher

2018: Introduction of I-120 Impact Crusher, 684 2-Deck/3 Inclined Screen, TF-75 High Level/ Low Level Feeders, TC-100 Conveyor and many more Machine Launches planned....