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Women at Terex

The Women@Terex initiative is focused on building awareness throughout the organization to ensure that women feel both included and supported, creating an environment where they can thrive in the workplace.
Studies have shown that women bring different qualities to business that can enrich an organization’s operational and decision-making processes. For this reason, a good mix of both men and women can provide Terex with a competitive advantage. However -- although women represent roughly half the population -- they are in the non-majority in our workforce globally. This can make it more challenging for their voices to be heard and for them to receive the most appropriate coaching and advancement opportunities.
Terex is committed to attracting, hiring and developing a diverse workforce, considering all diversity dimensions. However, while other non-majority groups differ, depending on geography, increasing the number of women in our organization can be pursued and measured at every one of our locations. This is why we believe we will see the greatest improvement in overall diversity at Terex if we increase the number of women in our workforce.
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