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Aquamist Dust Suppression

Aquamist Dust Suppression by Terex

Terex has developed the Aquamist dust suppression system, an improvement over conventional jets or water-sprays. They are high capacity misting fan which produces finely divided water droplets in the size range 10-150 micron diameter. At this size they can easily combine themselves with dust particles of similar dimensions and precipitate them out of the air. Because water-mists "float" more than a conventional spray it covers and envelops the dust cloud more effectively. 

  • AQ45 Static

    Designed for effective dust control, the AQ45 Static Dust Cannon helps to minimise dust, reduce health risks & improve air quality.

    Specification Value
    Transport Length 3' 11" 1190mm
    Transport Width 3' 3" 1000mm
    Transport Height 7' 3" 2230mm
    Weight 915lbs (dry) 415kg (dry)