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Compact Recycling Trommel


Engine CAT 2.2 74HP CAT 2.2 55kW
Weight 44,000 Ibs 20,000kg
Transport Dimensions Length 38' 2” | Width 9’ 6” | Height 11’ 12” Length 11,626mm | Width 2,900mm | Height 3,400mm
Working Dimensions Length 71' 2” | Width 27' 6” | Height 10’ 8” Length 21,684mm | Width 8,379mm | Height 3,255mm

The MDS M518R is the ultimate choice for customers seeking excellence in recycling operations, boasting precision engineering and a compact design that conceals its impressive capabilities. Offering unmatched value, versatility, and productivity with innovative features like the 180-degree fines conveyor and fold out drum, the M518R adapts effortlessly to various recycling applications from compost to waste management.

The M518R is well-suited for small to medium-sized operations and contractors, particularly those with limited space and a need for easy transportation. Featuring a 180-degree radial fines conveyor, the machine offers efficient material handling, providing a radial stockpile capacity of up to 650m3. Its compact dimensions and efficient folding mechanism of the radial conveyor ensure straightforward transportation, fitting neatly onto a standard 26-foot-long trailer. 

The M518R unit excels in handling various materials including compost, bark, mulch, general waste, municipal waste, biomass, green waste & more, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of recycling needs.

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