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Mobile Track Trommel


The MDS M412 Mobile Track Trommel, the compact powerhouse of our range, perfect for screening everything from lightweight materials to recycling hefty demolition waste. With the ability to handle material as large as 600mm (24") in height, it's equally adept at cleaning dirty quarry material.

Complete with convenient fold-out stockpiling conveyors, this heavy-duty screener trommel unit is designed for seamless maneuvering around the quarry and between job sites.

Choose from two drum configurations for the M412 to suit your specific needs - a drum frame with interchangeable screens or a fully welded drum, providing you with tailored screening solutions.

Add a tipping grid to this machine and watch as it effortlessly produces three distinct products, all while consuming a mere 8 liters of fuel per hour. 

Oversize Conveyor
Heavy Duty Drum
Fines Conveyor
Push Feeder
Specification Value
Engine CAT 2.2 67HP TIER 4 Diesel | Output 300 tph / CAT 2.2 50kW TIER 4 Diesel | Output 300 tph
Weight 45193 lbs / 21.5 Tonnes
Max Material Feed Size 4.45yd3 Hydraulic Push Feeder / 3.4m3 Hydraulic Push Feeder
Transport Dimensions Length 42’ 1” | Width 8’ 2” | Height 9’ 10” / Length 12836mm | Width 2500mm | Height 3000mm
Working Dimensions Length 53’ 2” | Width 8’ 4” | Height 9’ 10” with Grid 14’ 5” / Length 16228mm | Width 2500mm | Height 3000mm with Grid 4.4m

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