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Track Trommel

Meet the MDS M413 heavy-duty track trommel, your go-to solution for effortlessly screening everything from lightweight materials to recycling demolition waste. This versatile machine is equally at home in a quarry, where it excels at tidying up material as large as 600mm (24").

Boasting three convenient fold-out stockpiling conveyors, this trommel is not only efficient but also designed with compactness in mind, making transportation a breeze around the quarry.

When it comes to the fines section, the MDS M413 utilizes the same top-notch screens as the M412. However, in the Mid-Product section, it employs a distinctive style of screens, allowing for a customizable screening experience with various screen sizes to choose from. Elevate your screening process with the M413 Trommel.

Mid Product Conveyor
Oversize Conveyor
Heavy Duty Drum
Push Feeder
Fines Conveyor
Specification Value
Engine CAT 2.2 50HP | Output 300 tph / CAT 2.2 50kW | Output 300 tph
Weight 52910 lbs / 24 Tonnes
Feeder Hydraulic Push Feeder / Hydraulic Push Feeder
Transport Dimensions Length 43’ 11” | Width 8’ 2” | Height 10’ 2” / Length 13405mm | Width 2500mm | Height 3100mm
Working Dimensions Length 43’ 11” | Width 8’ 2” | Height 10’ 2” with Grid 14’ 7” | Weight 45193 lbs / Length 16850mm | Width 6705mm | Height 6705mm with Grid 4.44m | Weight 29.5 tons

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