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Cone Crusher



The Finlay® C-1545P Portable Rock Crusher incorporates the Finlay® 1150 cone crusher, driven through direct clutch drive with variable speed, with automatic tramp relief and hydraulic closed side setting (CSS) adjustment.

The machine features an on-board forward facing pre-screen module with a 2.1m x 1.52m (7’ x 5’) single deck screen for removal or bypass of fines from the feed material. The fines material can be discharged from the machine using the optional on-board by-pass conveyor or reintroduced onto the main product conveyor. Both methods improve the overall plant throughput capacity, product flexibility and liner wear reduction.

In applications where pre-screening of the feed material is not required the module can be hydraulically repositioned beneath the hopper/feeder. This provides a more compact working envelope as the feeder/hopper can be hydraulically adjusted to feed directly into the cone chamber.

Key Features

  • Finlay® TC1150 cone chamber provides high reduction and productivity ratios and  gives excellent product cubicity
  • The forward facing pre-screen module maximizes production and reduces wear on the chamber by removing fine materials before it enters the cone.
  • The large hopper/feeder on the plant has an automated metal detection system to protect the cone and reduce downtime.
  • The pre-screen module can be used to produce a roadbase product from the on-board side conveyor.
T-Link Telematics
Hopper / feeder
Pre-screen module
Main conveyor
Cone chamber
Specification Value
Net Engine Power: Tier 3 / Stage IIIA Tier 3 - CAT 440hp | Tier 4F / Stage IV - Scania 450hp / Tier 3 - CAT 328kW | Tier 4F / Stage IV - Scania 331kW
Cone Head Diameter 45'' / 1150mm
Transport Weight 113,935lbs / 51,680kg
Transport Dimensions Height 12' 6'' | Width 9' 10'' | Length 58' 1'' / Height 3.6m | Width 3m | Length 17.7m
Working Dimensions Height 16' 9'' | Width 21' 1'' | Length 62' 8'' / Height 5.1m | Width 6.65m | Length 19.1m


That's what Terex Finlays’ T-Link telematics system is all about.

T-Link telematics system is the optimum tool to connect you remotely to your Terex Finlay equipment.

At any given time you can see the exact location and status of your crushers and screeners. 

But even better, this information also shows you precisely what areas you can improve in order to remotely optimise your profitability without needing to be standing beside your machine.

Activating T-Link on your Terex Finlay machine couldn't be simpler. Simply send an email to: finlay.tlink@terex.com and quote the serial number of your machine and we will activate the account for your machine and set you up to receive your 'Weekly Digest' report.

T-Link has been fitted to all Terex Finlay crushers* since 1st January 2016 and  screeners* from 1st January 2017 (*machines fitted with electronic engine).

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