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Wheeled Radial Conveyor


The Finlay® WR-80 Wheeled Radial Stockpiling Conveyor is the ideal solution for stockpiling material after mobile crushing and screening plants to build a stockpile and ensure a consistent quality product. It can also be integrated seamlessly into stationary plants.

Available in either Pit or Road towable variants, the WR-80 is a simple but efficient radial conveyor. The machine is powered via hydraulic drive plug-in as standard enabling it to be powered by secondary equipment on site. The machine can also be configured with either electric or diesel hydraulic drive systems.

The WR-80 features an optional radial hydraulic function, lattice design for increased strength and reduced weight.

With a maximum discharge height of 9.95m (32’ 7”) when operated in conical mode the machine will stockpile 2313 tonnes (2544 US tonnes) of material. When configured to operate at 270° Kidney Bean mode the machine will stockpile tonne 20144 tonnes  (22158 US tonnes) of material.

Key features:

  • The machine can be configured with electric drive, diesel hydraulic and hydraulic plugin which allows the machine to be powered from a secondary hydraulic power source.
  • Pit Chassis version has a braked hub which allows the operator to easily stop the machine in the desired position after changing the radial direction.
  • The machine features a 22.85m (74’ 10”) discharge conveyor that has the capacity to transfer up to 300tph (330 US tph) of material.
Specification Value
Conveyor Length 74' 10" / 22.85m
Belt Width 36" / 900mm
Max Discharge Height 30' 1" / 9.2m
Working Dimensions Width: 14"8" Length: 74' 10" Height: 32' 7" / Width: 4.48m Length: 22.85m Height: 9.95m
Output Potential 330 / 300

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