883+ (Triple Shaft) Hybrid HD Screener

883 triple shaft

The industry leading Terex Finlay 883+ Triple Shaft Hybrid Screener is now available with a triple shaft screenbox that is ideal for working in dry and sticky applications including quarry, mining, sand, gravel, construction and demolition debris and recycling applications.The heart of this new model is the new triple shaft screenbox, featuring two “true” full size 4.8 x 1.53m (16’ x 5’) screening decks.

The triple-shaft design of this new screenbox employs an oval motion stroke to  generate an aggressive screening action, reducing plugging and blinding over the screen decks to ultimately provide a quality product with high tonnage output.

The 883+ Triple Shaft Hybrid Screener is available with a hybrid powerpack option based upon an electric/hydraulic drive system that enable operators to connect the machine to a secondary electrical supply on site to provide even greater flexibility and energy efficiency ultimately resulting in significant fuel savings. 


  • Higher G-force and larger stroke of the triple shaft screenbox provides the optimal solution for high productivity in dry and sticky applications.

  • Multiple media configurations including bofor bars, finger screens, woven mesh and punch plates are available for a wide range of applications, from fine screening to heavy scalping.

  • All media configurations are compatible with both the standard and triple shaft screenboxes.

  • The banana profile of the bottom deck maximizes the screening of fine materials.