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The Finlay® 870 tracked scalper is a compact and aggressive forward facing heavy duty screen. This highly versatile and flexible machine excels in primary and secondary screening applications such as aggregates, sand and gravel, top soil, construction demolition and recycling applications where site space is at a premium.

The machine has been designed to meet the requirements of large and small scale operators looking for a high performance screen with a small footprint that is easy to operate and transport.

Key features:

  • The screenbox features two “true” 4.1m x 1.22m (13’ 6” x 4’) screening decks to give a total screening area of 9.74m2 (105ft2).
  • Screen box angle can be hydraulically adjusted to an angle between 14º to 18º.
  • Aggressive screen box can accept bofor bars, screenharps, woven mesh, punch plate and cascade fingers.
  • Compatible for 2-way or 3-way split configurations.
  • Screen box discharge end can be hydraulically raised to facilitate efficient and easy media access and changing.
  • T-Link telematics hardware and software along with free seven year data subscription are fitted and installed as standard.
Hopper / Feeder
Fines conveyor
Oversize plus conveyor 
Midgrade conveyor
Specification Value
Net Engine Power Tier 3: Caterpillar C4.4 83hp | Stage V: Caterpillar C2.2 74hp | Tier 4F: Caterpillar C3.4B 74hp / Tier 3: Caterpillar C4.4 62kW | Tier 4F: Caterpillar C3.4B 55kW | Stage V: Caterpillar C2.2 55kW
Screen 13’ 6” x 4’ / 4.1m x 1.22m
Operating Weight 45,745lbs / 20,750Kgs
Transport Dimensions Height 10’ 2”| Width 8’ 2” | Length 35’ 11” / Height 3.1m | Width 2.5m | Length 11m
Working Dimensions Height 10’ 4”| Width 45’ 11” | Length 41’ 2” / Height 3.2m | Width 14m | Length 12.5m

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