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694+ Hybrid

Inclined Screener

The Finlay® 694+ hybrid inclined screen has been developed to fulfill  the  demands  of  high  production  producers. 

The  new  high energy  screenbox  features  three  full  size  6.1m  x  1.53m  (20’  x  5’) decks  that  can  process  fine,  sticky  and  dirty  material  with  ease in quarrying, mining, sand and gravel,  coal, woodchip and topsoil applications.

The large hopper / feeder is fitted with variable speed belt feeder to ensure consistent flow of material and can be fitted with remote tipping grid or double deck vibrating grid. 

The hydraulics system has been upgraded to provide the optimum balance  of  power  and  efficiency  and  the  powerpack  designed  to operate at lower engine speeds to raise cost-efficiency in the long term without compromising on performance.  

The machine is fitted with a hybrid powerpack that is based upon an electric/hydraulic drive system that enables operators to connect the machine to a secondary electrical supply on site to provide even greater flexibility and energy efficiency ultimately resulting in significant fuel savings. 

Key Features:

  • Simplified  and  reconfigured  folding  mechanism  for  the  onboard product  conveyors  for  ease  of  deployment  and  user-friendly operation.
  • Hydraulic folding catwalks as standard for improved onsite efficiency and to enable rapid screenbox deployment.
  • Maximum utilisation of three 20’ x 5’ (6.1m x 1.53m) decks provide ultra-efficient screening capacities even at small aggregate sizes.
  • The  fourth  (oversize  plus)  conveyor  provides  variable  tilt  and  side slew capability to accurately discharge materials for re-circulation to crushers or for stockpiling.
  • Screen box angle can be hydraulically adjusted to an angle between 18°and 32°.

  • T-Link telematics hardware and software along with free seven year data subscription are fitted and installed as standard. 

T-Link Telematics
Specification Value
Net Engine Power: Tier 3 / Stage IIIA Caterpillar C4.4 130hp / Caterpillar C4.4 97kW
Net Engine Power: Stage IIIA Constant Speed Caterpillar C4.4 131hp / Caterpillar C4.4 98kW
Net Engine Power: Tier 4F / Stage IV Caterpillar C4.4 131hp / Caterpillar C4.4 98kW
No. Stockpilers 4 / 4
Transport Weight 88,184lbs / 40,000kg


That's what Terex Finlays’ T-Link telematics system is all about.

T-Link telematics system is the optimum tool to connect you remotely to your Terex Finlay equipment.

At any given time you can see the exact location and status of your crushers and screeners. 

But even better, this information also shows you precisely what areas you can improve in order to remotely optimise your profitability without needing to be standing beside your machine.

Activating T-Link on your Terex Finlay machine couldn't be simpler. Simply send an email to: finlay.tlink@terex.com and quote the serial number of your machine and we will activate the account for your machine and set you up to receive your 'Weekly Digest' report.

T-Link has been fitted to all Terex Finlay crushers* since 1st January 2016 and  screeners* from 1st January 2017 (*machines fitted with electronic engine).

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