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TC-65 Hybrid



The Finlay® TC-65 tracked stacker is a highly portable and flexible machine that can be integrated seamlessly into stationary and mobile crushing and screening plants. Incorporating the TC-65 reduces the dependency and use of auxiliary equipment onsite for transfer or stockpiling and aids the elimination of segregation, compaction and contamination of processed material. The machine has been designed to maximize productivity, enhance efficiency and reduce on site operational costs in a wide range of applications and feed material types.

Key benefits:

  • Inbuilt safety measures engineered into the machine include hydraulic feed height adjustment of the feedboot and pinless deployment of the main conveyor. 
  • Tracked mobility enables easy onsite redeployment and the machine can be transferred easily between locations on standard low loader trailer or packed in 1 x 40ft container for shipping throughout the world.
  • The machine is available with hybrid technology consisting of on-board electrical motors permitting the flexibility to run the plant from an outside power supply or standard on-board engine.
  • The machine features a 19.79m (64’ 11”) product conveyor that has the capacity to transfer up to 400tph of material.
  • Maximum conical stockpile capacity based on 37° angle of repose: 2500 tonnes (2755 US ton).
Specification Value
Conveyor Length 20m / 65’ 7”
Belt Width 1050mm / 42”
Max Discharge Height 10m @ 28° / 32’ 10” @ 28°
Transport Dimensions Width: 7'5" Length: 37' Height: 8'4" / Width: 2.26m Length: 11.33m Height: 2.53m
Output Potential Up to 441tph / Up to 400tph

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