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TF-75H Hybrid

High Level Feeder

The Finlay® TF-75H high level feeder has been designed to maximize productivity and improve efficiency by reducing double handling and on site operational costs in a wide range of applications and feed material types.

The large hopper/feeder has a capacity of 7m3 (9.15yd3) and can be fed directly from excavators, wheel loaders and auxiliary machines. For crushing and screening applications the machine can be used for a ‘metered or controlled’ feed of material. The machine can also be used to feed auxiliary equipment, connect to additional conveyors for transferring materials and to directly load / unload ships, trucks and rail wagons.

The machine is available with an orbital centre mounted slew bearing that enables 360° rotation and movement of the hopper/feeder to enhance on site mobility. 

Key features:

  • The pinless deployment of the main conveyor creates a safer working environment and enables rapid on site set up and tear down. 
  • Hydraulic variable speed control of the feeder ensures efficient transfer from the hopper to the main discharge conveyor.
  • The model is available with hybrid technology consisting of on-board electrical motors permitting the flexibility to run the plant from an outside power supply or standard on-board engine
  • The machine features a 22.5m (73’ 10”) discharge conveyor that has the capacity to transfer up to 600tph (661tph) of material.
  • Maximum stockpile capacity based on 37° angle of repose: 2776 tonnes (3060 US tonnes).
Specification Value
Conveyor Length 75' / 22.6m
Belt Width 48" / 1.2m
Max Discharge Height 32' 2" @ 24° / 9.8m @ 24°
Transport Dimensions Width: 9' Length: 63' 11" Height: 10' 2" / Width: 2.75m Length: 19.5m Height: 3.12m
Output Potential 661 tph / 600 tph

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