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TF-75H Organics Hybrid



The Finlay® TF-75H Organics High Level Feeder has been engineered specifically for the stockpiling and aerating of lower density, bulky materials such as soils, mulch, biomass, green waste and compost. The TF-75H features a large 10m3 (8yd3) hopper with steep side walls and 3.52m (11’ 6”)  feed in height to enable direct feed from wheel loaders, grab cranes, wood grinders, shredders, trommels or screens.

The machine is available with an orbital centre mounted slew bearing that enables 360° rotation and movement of the hopper/feeder to enhance on site mobility. 

Key features: 

  • Auger at the hopper outlet provides aeration and untangling solution and minimizes fluctuations in bulk density of organic materials. 
  • Heavy duty auger design, equipped with replaceable hardened paddles.
  • The adjustable operating speed of the feeder belt ensures controlled and efficient flow of material onto the discharge conveyor.
  • Specifically designed organics hopper improves material flow eliminating bridging and ensures efficient movement of materials.  
  • The machine is available with hybrid technology consisting of on-board electrical motors permitting the flexibility to run the plant from an outside power supply or standard on-board engine.
  • For added flexibility the auger component can be removed from the hopper/feeder to enable to the machine to work in other applications. 
Specification Value
Conveyor Length 74’ 2” / 22.6m
Belt Width 48” / 1.2m
Max Discharge Height 26’ 3’’ @ 18° / 8m @ 18°
Transport Dimensions Width: 9' Length: 63'8" Height: 10'1" / Width: 2.75m Length: 19.4m Height: 3.07m
Output Potential 661tph / 600tph

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