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Fast Picker 4.0

ZenRobotics Fast Picker couples Artificial Intelligence (AI) software with high speed picking, with up to a rate of 80 picks per minute. This is double the average pick rate of a human sorter (30-40 picks per minute). The Fast Picker is ideal for lightweight material such as dry mixed recycling (DMR), Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Light Packaging Waste (LWP). With the Fast Picker 4.0 it can now fit into bulkier waste streams such as C&D, C&I, Wood, Scrap, Rigid Plastics and sort smaller material pieces weighing up to 1kg. It can be easily integrated into side streams, reject recovery lines and quality control. 

ZenRobotics 4.0 has enhanced the Fast Picker with its upgraded AI. It is now more efficient than ever and our robots like the Fast Picker can leverage even higher rates of purity, accuracy and recovery. Not to mention the reduction of material losses and increased productivity that comes with enabling 24/7 operations.


One of the main differentials with the Fast Picker in the new ZenRobotics 4.0 is the customisation it offers to our customers. The Fast Picker can be provided in different widths to suit the customers needs, being able to fit up to a 1850mm (73") conveyor width. Other customisable features on the Fast Picker include the X & Y axis on the robot. This gives an adjustable picking area, which can be tailored due to the flexible gantry design. So, it fits most picking stations without additional modifications. The ZenRobotics Fast Picker reaches the full width of the whole conveyor belt, providing superior picking performance.

With its compact design, multiple Fast Picker robots can be stacked close together. The Fast Picker also allows for easy integration to existing processes and conveyors, making it retrofittable. Not to forget that with the new ZenRobotics 4.0 system, it can finally coincide with the Heavy Picker in our standalone solution, providing more sorting capabilities than ever before!

With the Fast Picker's recognition system, our customers can benefit from our global training database. New installations with ZenRobotics 4.0 systems will come with a pretrained classifier, which speeds up commissioning times and customers can benefit from our superior AI that has been training for all of these years, recognising over 500 waste categories. Whether its quality control on HDPE, Fiber Line, UBC and PET or Residue Line Recovery, our AI has seen it all.


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