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Quest to circulate and retain the complete value of C&D waste


Did you know that after water, concrete is the most used resource of the world? Did you also know that mixed demolition waste is mostly used as a low-grade material, or even landfilled? The Eberhard Group, adamant to turn this grim take-make-dispose line into a planet friendly and profitable circle, just opened a fully automated recycling plant integrated with smart robots to recover valuable high-purity materials from C&D waste.

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Retaining the complete value of C&D waste.
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200 tons of mixed demolition waste sorted in a single hour.
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Recovered material converted into a new kind of concrete.

Robots at work


ZenRobotics’ heavy duty robots do the hard and dirty job at this plant. They pick up to 12,000 items per hour with up to 30kg weight, separating mineral materials and foreign impurities from mixed C&D streams. The new plant sorts 200 tons of mixed demolition in a single hour, but these robot sorters don’t get tired. Instead, they can operate around the clock.

"Robots with artificial intelligence play an important role in this revolutionary new facility."

Patric van der Haegen,
Division Head Development from the Eberhard Group.

And there is more...


This recovered material is converted into new circular building material that gives its virgin counterpart a run for its money. The new zirkulit® concrete produced and developed by Eberhard Group shares the same mechanical and chemical qualities as conventional concrete, while saving 10 kilograms of CO2 emissions per cubic meter and using almost 7% less cement.

Greenfield Solution


With a fully autonomous standalone robot sorting line, you get all the needed equipment such as conveyors and feeding bunkers in one quick installation. That means that you can start sorting waste fractions from wood, plastics, metals, inert and more at a very low operating cost pronto.
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"Our new EbiMIK plant sorts mixed demolition waste in al its components. This boosts circular economy because each valuable material can be reused individually. Robots with artificial intelligence play an important role in this revolutionary new facility."

Patric van der Haegen,
Division Head Development from the Eberhard Group.

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About Eberhard Group

With innovative ideas, modern technology and digitalisation, the family owned Eberhard Group have been focusing on two things for over 65 years: customer benefit and environmental compatibility. In civil engineering and deconstruction, innovative solutions in technology and processes, coupled with extensive experience in site management, guarantee efficiency and shorter construction periods. When it comes to contaminated sites and disposal, processing technologies can achieve almost complete recycling of the contaminated material. Circular building materials of the highest quality favour ecological building and close the cycle. The traditional company is today already in its 3rd generation. Today the Eberhard companies occupy 600 employees.
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About ZenRobotics

ZenRobotics - A Terex Brand, is the leading supplier of intelligent sorting robots for the waste industry and the first company to apply AI-based sorting robots to a complex waste-sorting environment. Our intelligent robots, powered by our very own advanced AI software, make recycling more efficient, accurate and profitable. Our ambition is to make the circular economy a reality by turning global waste into clean raw materials.

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