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Making better use of materials


Determined to work towards improving material circulation, Lundstams is making better use of materials that were wasted before.

The new robotic sorting line will automate and advance the company’s waste sorting operations, increasing the overall material recovery and securing the quality of sorted fractions. Additionally, the need to transport waste decreases when waste can be processed closer to the source.

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Applying robotics to recycling has brought cost of savings to approx. 20,000 each month.
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Lundstams has seen efficiency increase by 20x when compared robotic solutions to manual processing.
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ZenRobotics helps Lundstams achieve their goal of fossil - free operations in near future.

Sustainability in focus


The company has always aimed to be ahead of the curve, offering waste management solutions with the help of advanced technologies.

Lundstams is committed to sustainable operation and the site is expected to run fossil-free in the near future. The site is already equipped for introducing electric process equipment and solar panels in the coming years.

"With efficient manual processing, we can do around two hundred picks in an hour. The two robots can handle approximately four thousand picks. It's a huge increase in efficiency. We are quite curious if this would work but so far, the results have been very good."

Mattias Marktin,
President & CEO of Lundstams.

Efficiency brings close to 20,000€ cost savings every month


In addition to the remarkable increase in efficiency, the system also helps to reduce the waste that needs to be burned. This results in significant cost savings.

By being able to reduce the waste we have to incinerate, the cost savings are quite extensive. Compared to a couple of months back when we didn’t have the robot, we are saving around 20 000 euros each month, Marktin reveals.

With the help of the robot, the particles that eventually need to be disposed of are considerably smaller. This has proven to be very helpful especially in Northern Sweden, where disposal facilities can be quite far away. That has been a huge benefit for us, Marktin says.

"The thing that's positive about the recycling business is that what is good for the environment, is also good for the profitability of the business. From that perspective, I would strongly recommend making the investment in such a robot."

Mattias Marktin,
President & CEO of Lundstams.

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About Lundstams

Lundstams Återinning is a Swedish family-run company that’s set up in 1949, but continues to take forerunning leaps in waste management.
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About ZenRobotics

ZenRobotics - A Terex Brand, is the leading supplier of intelligent sorting robots for the waste industry and the first company to apply AI-based sorting robots to a complex waste-sorting environment. Our intelligent robots, powered by our very own advanced AI software, make recycling more efficient, accurate and profitable. Our ambition is to make the circular economy a reality by turning global waste into clean raw materials.

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