Horizontal Grinder

6400CT Horizontal Grinder grinding wood

The CBI Magnum Force 6400CT Horizontal Grinder is an extreme-duty machine engineered for resilience and high production when grinding contaminated demolition debris, railroad ties, whole trees, pallets, storm debris, shingles, logs, mulch, slash, and stumps. Built from a fully welded and line bored hog box, this yellow monster thrives more than any other Horizontal Grinder when processing high amounts of tough material.

The revolutionary new “cassette style” clam shell design allows end-users to completely swap out rotors faster than any other grinder in its class. Go from grinding to chipping in half the time as before, and know you can accept jobs with various material demands. Four interchangeable rotors give this Horizontal Grinder the versatility needed to stay on top of changing markets.

Specification Value
Rotor Size Four rotor options available - Segmented drum, forged drum, 2-pocket chipper, 4-pocket chipper / Four rotor options available - Segmented drum, forged drum, 2-pocket chipper, 4-pocket chipper
Engine CAT C27; 1050hp engine (Option - CAT C32; 1200hp engine) / CAT C27; 782kW (Option - CAT C32; 894kW engine)
Weight 90,000lbs - 104,000lbs (depending on options) / 40,823kg - 47,173kg (depending on options)
Working Dimensions Width: 10’ 9.5” Length: 53' 2" Height: 15' 3.5" / Width: 3.28m Length: 16.2m Height: 4.65m
Transport Dimensions Width: 10’ 9.5” Length: 43’ 9” Height: 12’ / Width: 3.28m Length: 13.33m Height: 3.65m
  • C27 1050hp Tier 2 CAT engine (where permitted)
  • Overband magnet (standard or heavy duty)
  • Spare rotor assembly for 2 pocket chipper
  • Spare rotor assembly for 4 pocket chipper
  • Upgrade to 1200hp C32 Tier 2 CAT engine
  • Upgrade to 1200hp C32 Tier 4F engine
  • Single grouser 600mm tracks
  • Triple grouser 500mm tracks
  • Extreme duty grate frame
  • Vulcanized discharge belt
  • CE compliance package
  • Rock guards for tracks
  • Spare grate assembly
  • Vulcanized feed belt
  • Brute Rotor Package
  • Rotor configuration
  • Grate frame option
  • Lighting package
  • Dolly ready kit
  • Control panel
  • Dolly prep kit
  • Compressor

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