Stationary Electric Horizontal Grinder

5400SE Electric Horizontal Grinder
The CBI Magnum Force 5400SE-SA horizontal grinder is a special application unit that fits the need of a customer looking for a smaller production rate than our standard 5400SE, with more affordability and the same durability. Producing at $1.00 a ton, the 5400SE-SA is perfect for grinding pallets, storm debris, slash, dunnage, regrind, or yard waste.
Specification Value
Rotor Size Width: 48” Diameter: 40” Shaft: 6” / Width: 1.21m - Diameter: 1.01m Shaft: .152m
Engine 400hp or 500hp crusher duty motor / 298kW or 372kW crusher duty motor
Weight 45,500lbs / 20,638kg
Working Dimensions Width: 9’ 1” Length: 49' 7" Height: 15' 1" / Width: 2.76m Length: 15.10m Height: 4.77m
Transport Dimensions Width: 9’ 1” Length: 49’ 7” Height: 13’ 6” / Width: 2.76m Length: 15.10m Height: 4.11m

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