6800CT Horizontal Grinder

CBI 6800CT Horizontal Grinder
The CBI Magnum Force 6800CT Horizontal Grinder has been engineered to surpass every horizontal grinder that came before it. Once land clearing and wood waste professionals switch to CBI grinders for their ultimate production, performance, and durability, they never look back. This is the best horizontal grinder on the market.

Improving on the 6800BT’s revolutionary design, the 6800CT has a 15 percent larger screening area, wrapping more than 190° around the rotor, allowing production rates to surge beyond 200 tons an hour. Supported by a larger shaft and bearings and an optional 1200hp CAT C32, the engine powers the forged drum rotor through the toughest materials. The design of CBI’s offset helix rotor minimizes energy loss from each strike and distributes material evenly across the 24 hammers, requiring less power while outproducing the competition.

Specification Value
Rotor Size Width: 60” - Diameter: 40” - Shaft: 8” / Width: 1,524mm - Diameter: 1,016mm - Shaft: 203mm
Engine CAT C27; 1050hp engine (Option - CAT C32; 1125hp or 1200hp engine) / CAT C27; 782kW (Option - CAT C32; 838kW or 894kW engine)
Fuel Capacity 475 Gallons / 1798 Liters
Machine Width Transport width: 11' 1" / Transport width: 3,383mm
Machine Length Transport length: 43’-2” / Transport length: 13,159mm