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Scalping Screen


The Finlay® 890 is a robust and highly versatile heavy duty screener that can precisely process large volumes of material in a range of applications from fine screening to heavy scalping.

The screen box is uncompromising and has been engineered to efficiently deliver high tonnage throughput and a high quality screened product in quarry, mining, sand, gravel, construction and demolition debris, fine wood, biomass and recycling applications.

This fully self-contained plant can be hydraulically folded and ready for transport in less than 30 minutes making it the ideal machine for large scale contract screening projects where a highly productive and dependable screen is paramount.

The model is available with hybrid technology consisting of on-board electrical motors permitting the flexibility to run the plant from an outside power supply or standard on-board engine.

Key features:

  • Versatile aggressive screen box with multiple media configurations including bofor bars, finger screens, woven mesh and punch plates.
  • Modular configuration screen box with 6.1m x 1.8m (20’ x 6’) top deck and 5.6m x 1.8m (18’ x 6’) bottom deck screen. Screen box angle can be hydraulically adjusted to an angle between 13 – 17°.
  • Screen box discharge end can be hydraulically raised to facilitate efficient and easy media access and changing.
  • High capacity up to 700 tph / 771 US tph (depending on mesh sizes & material type).
  • Maximum feed size 450mm (18’’) . Maximum allowable feed size may vary depending on material type and screenbox media.
Specification Value
Net Engine Power Tier 3 - Cat 172hp | Tier 4F/ Stage IV - Cat 172hp / Tier 3 - Cat 129kW | Tier 4F/ Stage IV - Cat 129kW
Screen 20’ x 6’ / 6.1m x 1.8m
Weight 81,571lbs / 37,000Kg
Transport Dimensions Height 59' 10'' | Width 9' 10'' | Length 59' 10'' / Height 3.59m | Width 3m | Length 18.2m
Working Dimensions Height 16' 2'' | Width 50' 5" | Length 54' 3'' / Height 4.93m | Width 15.36m | Length 15.36m

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