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New Australian Wash Plant Produces 300tph of Construction Sand

Terex Washing Systems recently designed and manufactured a wash plant for Australian customer Clarence Sands. Producing 300tph of construction sand, the wash plant is based out of a newly established site near the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.

The team of engineers assigned to this project were faced with several unique challenges. One of these challenges was designing a washing screen that could handle the tonnage that the customer needed. To achieve this level of tonnage the team brought in a quarrying screen from Terex MPS, another Terex brand that produce a range of crushing and screening equipment. The two brands are no strangers when it comes to working together having often teamed up to produce end to end crushing, screening and washing systems.

A rinsing station was added to the 20’ x 8’ two-deck quarrying screen so that the target of 300tph could be hit. The feed material goes over a single incline screen before it is split into two grades of sand on the bottom deck. This screen can produce 2.5mm and 4.5mm grades of sand on both decks.

The wash plant also features an H30 Feeder, two FM 200C Sand Plants, a Flocculant Dosing Unit and a Rake Thickener Tank. These modular products alongside the bespoke washing screen have allowed Clarence Sands to produce a premium product for the greater Sydney area. 

Terex Washing Systems designed this wash plant so that each element works seamlessly together. Working closely with the customer through each step of the process was vital to the success of this project. Peter Vicary, Managing Director, explained in an interview with Quarry Magazine that, “It’s fantastic. It’s doing 300 tph, all day, every day, and it’s making beautiful washing sand as well. The water management system is really good too. We did some stuff out of our pond the other day – and it was thick enough that when we placed it above the ground, within five days you could push it up into a heap. That’s on top of lots of rainy weather. It’s going to make the pond an easier process because it’s all going to dry up once it’s above ground. It means the pond will dry quicker.”

Learn more about washing construction sand or contact us for more information on this project.