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Static and modular systems offering aggressive attrition for sticky and high clay content materials. Highly effective with overburdens, clay-bound ores and recycled materials containing lightweight contaminants.




The HydroScrub™ 200 has been specifically engineered to work in wash recycling applications.  The HydroScrub™ Hull forms the core of the machine, and can easily be adjusted to work in Log Washer or HydroScrub™ mode, thus offering the operator maximum flexibility to optimise the machine performance. From upward hydro-injection, to variable speed logs, the HydroScrub™ offers many intelligent features that allow the operator to process a wide range of feed materials, from difficult to scrub conglomerated aggregates and clays, to aggregate that are heavily laden with light contaminants such as organics, plastics and wood.


  • Rinsing and grading of up to 4 products 
  • Can process up to 7 products across a range of applications  
  • Hydraullic angle adjustment hull with simple switch over between modes
  • Fully automated touch screen control providing all-round plant information

Aggrescrub 150

AggreSand-206 AGGRESCRUB 150

The AggreScrub™ 150 plant is particularly suited to the construction and demolition recycling market. Key benefits for customers include the improved wear characteristics, reduced costs, and the ability to effectively scrub aggregates and float out clays/silts/lights (wood/plastics) on one chassis. In addition, there are also a number of paddle options available depending on customers’ needs, including the traditional hard wearing AR blades in 15 and 30mm variances as well as a new high manganese steel option.


  • Produces up to 4 grades of washed screened aggregate
  • Modular design with ‘plug and play’ electrical connections for quick set-up
  • Pre-wired & pre-plumbed with single connection points
  • Fully automated touch screen control providing all-round plant information

Powerscrub PS 60R / PS 200R

The Terex Washing Systems range takes washing one step further by providing high speed scrubbing of heavily contaminated material to produce cleaner material at a faster rate. The Powerscrub range are log washers designed with a trough and two axles with interchangeable blades and paddles which intensively mix the material. Friction from this process breaks down feed contaminates and allows scrubbed material to be stockpiled.


  • Designed to produce cleaner material at a faster rate
  • Specifically designed to work in the recycling industry, its versatility and design enables it to be easily adapted to work in gravel applications
  • Consists of a trough and two spiral axles running counter to one another with exchangeable blades which intensively mix the feed material
  • Water used in this process is recirculated to a water treatment facility