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New Broom sweeps clean at Lafarge Tarmac

Wednesday 8th April 2015, Dungannon, Northern Ireland – Lafarge Tarmac is the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business. Its innovative products and solutions have contributed to some of the UK’s biggest construction projects, and it has an unrivalled supply and distribution network that includes over 330 sites. Lafarge Tarmac products meet the highest standards of sustainability and performance, as you would expect from a market leader. They are responsibly sourced and certified to BES 6001.


One of its sites, Broom, Bedfordshire, UK, now boosts the world’s first Terex Washing Systems (TWS) AggreSand™ 206 modular washplant seamlessly combined with the AggreScrub™ 150 where an exclusive Open Day event will take place on 28th and 29th April. The event is open to TWS dealers and potential new customers seeking innovative washing solutions. You will have the opportunity to view the plant in operation, processing in excess of 350tph, and meet with TWS and Duo Plc team of engineers, applications and specialist technicians to discuss your specific washing needs. Booking is essential to attend the event, register today by contacting: TWS.Sales@terex.com


Iain Walker, Global Sales Director, TWS commented “I look forward to personally welcoming our global distributors, their customers and potential new customers to the open day. The Lafarge Tarmac installation at Broom represents another significant step forward for TWS. Not only does it showcase our new AggreSand™ 206 system, it also combines this with an AggreScrub™ 150 to ensure both high quality and high capacity production of sand and aggregates.  This project demonstrates how TWS work effectively with our dealers to serve the specific needs of a key client. This project provides a true blueprint for high quality, high capacity washing systems for a wide range of material types”.



This is the second AggreSand™ to be installed at the Broom site. In early 2014 Lafarge Tarmac approached Duo PLC, Terex Washing System’s distributor in England and Wales, to discuss what options they could offer to provide increased production at their Broom, Biggleswade site in Bedfordshire. Duo Plc recommended the recently launched AggreSand™ 165 modular wash plant, which was at the time efficiently producing quality products for many other producer’s around the globe.


Garry Stewart, Application Team Lead, TWS, commented, “The market has really embraced the AggreSand™ washplant concept with exceptional demand at the moment. To date, TWS has installed the first AggreSand™ 206 washplant in the UK with several more already planned globally. In addition multiple AggreSand™ 165 washplants are operating around the globe, operating efficiently with optimum productive performance. TWS are constantly looking at innovative ways to further enhance and develop our existing products so we can continue to meet the individual needs of our customers.”


The AggreSand™ concept pre-wired & pre-plumbed with quick installation was particularly intriguing to Lafarge Tarmac as a solution to their specific needs, which was far removed from wash plant installations they experienced in the past. The material to be processed at Broom required scrubbing in order to produce a clean aggregate suitable for drainage, decorative stone and concrete production. The AggreSand™ 165 was opted for and was installed in June 2014 and has been producing 1000’s of tons of quality clean aggregate and two in spec mortar and concrete sands.


The continued strengthening of the UK aggregate market particularly in this strategically important location of the UK prompted Lafarge Tarmac management to approach Duo Plc once more to investigate how production could be increased further. Lafarge Tarmac particularly liked the modular concept of the AggreSand™, however they required increased production to meet the constantly growing demand. It was quite timely as TWS had just announced details of the larger capacity AggreSand™ 206 as well as the AggreScrub™ 150, which was set to be the next ideal combined solution for Lafarge Tarmac specific requirements.


TWS Applications and Design engineers, along with Duo Plc visited the Broom site to meet with management to identify and suggest a plant that would address their specific needs. The AggreScrub™ 150 offers increased production capacity and increased levels of access in comparison to the previous PS120 range. The seamless combination of the AggreSand™ 206 and AggreScrub™ 150 was particularly appealing to Lafarge Tarmac in terms of access, serviceability and modularity. Based on the efficiencies and productivity of the previously installed AggreSand™ 165 at their site, combined with the potential capabilities of the larger capacity AggreSand™ 206, Lafarge Tarmac opted for this along with the AggreScrub™ 150 to provide extra capacity.


The full plant is now installed and fully commissioned at Broom, Bedfordshire, UK and is producing in excess of 350tph of three quality aggregates and two in spec sands. The plant consists of a bespoke feed system which can either be fed by wheel loader via a 12’ vibrating grid or by Lafarge Tarmac’s existing land conveyor and radial feed conveyor. The feeder including the vibrating grid is electric hydraulically powered.


The main inclined feed conveyor is 23m long and is inclined at 180 and is 1050mm wide. The conveyor is driven by two 11Kw electric motors and bonfigoli gearboxes mounted on either side of the drive drum. This set up not only provides balance to the conveyor but also gives superior torque characteristics. Lafarge Tarmac specified the use of cooper split bearings on this conveyor for ease of maintenance. The inclined feed conveyor has an integrated wash box c/w spray bar which pre-soaks the feed material before it reaches the rinsing screen.

The AggreSand™ 206 at Broom is a three deck version which utilizes ten individually controlled spray bars on each deck. The two bearing screen is fitted with polyurethane modular media on all three decks. The top deck acts as a protection deck removing any material above 80mm. The middle deck is a 40mm passing deck while the bottom deck is split, 2mm and 5mm to produce the required two sands. It is fitted with two stumpy conveyors which deliver the over and mid-size material to two 65’ stock piling conveyors. Chute work on the AggreSand™ 206 employs the now well tested dead-box system which results in rock on rock set-up which is proving to give excellent wear properties.


The feed material at this site has a high sand to stone ratio which meant that Lafarge Tarmac wanted to produce in excess of 200tph of sand. TWS Engineers provided an innovative solution whereby the AggreSand’s™ single grade 200tph sand plant produces the concrete sand while a TWS FM 120C is utilized alongside the AggreSand™ 206 to produce the masonry sand. Currently the AggreSand’s™ 206 single grade sand plant which consists of one 45Kw 250/200 pump and two G4-660mm cyclones is producing in excess of 180tph of clean in spec concrete sand. The FM 120 which has a 200/150 30Kw pump and one G4-660mm cyclone is producing 80tph of in spec mortar sand. These two sands are produced on a split bottom deck on the AggreSand™ aggregate screen consisting of 2mm and 5mm apertures. A specially designed rubber-lined catchbox allows blending to take place so that an acceptable coarse and fine sand ratio can be achieved. The fine material is captured in one section of the two grade catchbox and piped to the FM120C’s sump tank.

The material between 40 and 80mm is rinsed clean and stock piled and crushed periodically. The material between 5mm and 40mm is fed to the AggreScrub™ 150 for scrubbing and removal of clay conglomerates. The material to be scrubbed is fed via a specially extended (16m) conveyor which safely feeds this sticky material at 170 to the AggreScrub™ 150.


The AggreScrub™ 150 consists of an 8m hull fitted with two rotating shafts fitted with 30mm abrasive resistant blades. The blades convey the material from the feed end of the scrub to the aggregate rinsing/sizing screen. As the material travels through the hull the abrasive action of the aggregate as it collides with other aggregate (stone on stone) scrubs it clean and breaks up any clay conglomerates which are floated off through the back of the AggreScrub™. Any organics such as roots or plastics are also floated off to be dewatered over the AggreScrub’s™ 6 x 2 trash screen. The underflow from the trash screen is captured in a catchbox under the screen and piped to the sump tank under the hull.


The scrubbed aggregate exits the front end of the AggreScrub™ 150 onto a 12x5 part rinsing screen. The initial section of the screen is fitted with spray bars to rinse off any grit produced during scrubbing. The rinsed grit is captured in a partial catchbox under the screen and is piped to the sump tank below the hull to join the trash screen underflows. The sump tank is fitted with a 100/100 centrifugal pump which pumps this dirty water back to the AggreSand™ 206 sand plant to recover any sand. The two deck 12x5 screen is fitted with polyurethane modular media to produce 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-40mm clean aggregate. The three clean grades of aggregate are stock piled using three TC6532 conveyors


The control system for this specific AggreSand™ wash plant is stored in a centralized cabin on the site which is one of the options offered by TWS on all AggreSand™, alternatively the panel can be mounted onto the machine, all of which are pre wired. The option selected by Lafarge Tarmac means that the plant is supplied wired to isolators and wired to the centralized control panel on site. This option exemplifies the flexibility of TWS and the AggreSand™ concept to suit individual customer needs or preferences.


To find out more or to discuss specific washing requirements, contact us at TWS.Sales@terex.com or visit our dedicated website which provides an overview of the full product offering at www.terex.com/washing



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