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Terex MP Celebrates Longest-Serving Team Member

Terex Washing Systems (TWS) recently celebrated the exceptional 55-year service milestone of Justin Donnelly, Applications Specialist, and the longest-serving team member worldwide within Terex MP.

Justin's journey with Terex, which began in 1969 when the site he worked for was known as Ulster Plant, is a testament to the dedication and profound impact he has had on shaping the success of Terex over the years. Joining as a recent graduate from the local technical college, Justin initially intended to gain work experience before exploring other opportunities. However, as he immersed himself in the ambitious team at Ulster Plant and saw the collective determination to be the leader in the mobile screening market, he realised he had become part of something special.

Reflecting on his early days, Justin said, "I soon realised I had joined a company with a great product and a highly skilled workforce who were determined to be number one in the mobile screening market. It was rewarding to see this ambition come to fruition and be a part of its success."

Over the decades, Justin's career evolved alongside the growth of Ulster Plant, transitioning from cutting sheet metal to contributing significantly to sales, service, research and development, applications, plant commissioning, and management. During this time Ulster Plant transformed into Powerscreen, which subsequently embarked on a global expansion journey that grew the company to become a major industry player.

Justin’s colourful career included international travel, meeting his wife Catherine during his time in North America, and the birth of their two daughters, Carla and Moya. Returning to the Powerscreen factory in Dungannon in the mid-1980s, Justin continued to ascend through various roles, eventually assuming the position of Applications Specialist for a new brand, Terex Washing Systems.

Commenting on his long and varied career when he reached 50 years, Justin said, “My career has been very rewarding and has taught me so much that I could probably write a book! But some highlights that come top to my mind are having had the opportunity to travel the world, meeting and working with some fantastic people and now, this personal highlight—reaching 50 years working for one company.”

Five years on from his 50th anniversary, Justin continues to embrace an active and hands-on approach. Never resting on his laurels, Justin is keen to get the spanners out and boiler suit on during site visits. He revisited a significant installation, the first FM120BW to be installed, 19 years after its initial setup, showcasing the longevity not only of Terex products but in Justin’s role in supporting them. At the time of Justin’s visit the FM120BW had processed 2.5million tonnes of material and is still effectively producing today. Justin's involvement in the design and development of the Aggwash 60, which won the reputable KHL Award in 2010, further highlights his lasting impact.

In more recent years, Justin has dedicated his efforts to developing new talent within Terex, significantly contributing to the growth of the Applications department, and actively using his experience to attract new team members into the business. Justin's extensive knowledge continues to be a resource for team members, who regularly seek his advice on various projects and what might or might not work in the various applications. His expertise has been crucial in reaching new markets, contributing to the substantial growth of Terex Washing Systems.

Martin McGee, from Cranford Stone (Co. Donegal, Ireland), a customer of Terex Washing Systems explains the beacon of knowledge Justin brings to projects. “During our collaboration with Terex Washing Systems to develop a distinctive and adaptable sand plant, Justin Donnelly’s expertise proved invaluable. His knack for problem-solving was evident in every aspect of the project. It was clear that Justin was the go-to person—everyone sought his opinion without hesitation. He didn't need to consult others; his knowledge was comprehensive. Justin is truly a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to washing.”

Barry McMenamin, Business Line Director, Terex Washing Systems continues, "Justin's influence goes beyond his impressive professional achievements; he embodies the spirit of collaboration and mentorship. "As Sir Isaac Newton once said, 'If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.' Justin is undeniably one of those giants."

To mark Justin’s 55-year milestone, Terex Washing Systems celebrated with a team lunch and cake, where team members honoured not just a career milestone but a legacy of dedication, mentorship, and excellence. Justin's commitment to personal growth is evident in his recent exploration of the world with a new camper, showcasing the same adventurous spirit that has fuelled his remarkable career!