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Deep Cone Thickener Tanks

Deep Cone Thickener Tank
Terex Washing Systems offers a range of Thickener sizes and types to suit a variety of materials and applications. The TWS Applications team balance the client’s needs in terms of material type and slurry volume, desired sludge characteristics in order to propose the best thickener for each project.

Deep cone thickeners are based on static decantation principles allowing for minimal footprint and virtually no moving parts. The deep cone and cylinder section imparts a
greater pressure head on the settled slurry thus producing a higher percentage solids content than that of a standard rake thickener.

• Produces thick mud at 50% solids
• Reduced cost for concrete basement
• Extra stock for mud
• Extremely low operating cost
• Non-moving parts
• No extraction pump required
• Low maintenance costs
• Combined thickening and clarification

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