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Terex Utilities to debut Digger Derrick Spin Bottom Drill Bucket at ICUEE

Watertown, S.D. – (October 2019) – Terex Utilities announces a new Spin Bottom Drill Bucket for use with digger derricks. It is designed to improve productivity when drilling in unstable ground conditions, such as wet or sandy environments.

As the tool drills into the ground, barrel teeth cut through the material while the bucket captures it, allowing the operator to dump the material outside of the hole. The spin bottom is simple to control with forward and reverse motions to open and close the tool.

“We are always looking for ways to make our customers’ jobs easier,” said Dale Putman, Product Support Manager for Auger Tooling and Auger Drills. “When the ground material won’t stay on the auger carry flight, the Spin Bottom Drill Bucket enables digger derrick operators to clear a hole faster and easier,” he said. While Terex Utilities has offered similar tools for auger drills, this is the first time this type of tool has been available for digger derricks.

The 18” diameter Spin Bottom Drill Bucket was on display at the 2019 International Construction & Utility Equipment Expo (ICUEE), Oct. 1-3, in Louisville, Ky. Additional sizes up to 36” diameter are available. The tool features 5/8” wall thickness, 30” barrel length, and 104” overall length. Dirt teeth and pilot bit are standard. Hex hub options include 2”, 2.5”, and 2.63”.

“Terex both designs and manufacturers auger tools to get the maximum performance out of your drilling equipment,” said Putman. For unique drilling challenges, the company will design and build custom auger tooling for specific applications. 

Spin Bottom Drill Bucket