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Terex Utilities Names Top 5 New Tech Tips of 2020

Terex Utilities regularly distributes Tech Tips to provide service personnel with information to make their jobs easier. In 2020, the Terex Utilities Services Department shared 26 new tips, which join an archive of more than 100 topics.

“We offer comprehensive tools to help technicians troubleshoot equipment and get it back in service as quickly as possible,” said Jason Julius, Technical Support and Training. “Whether its parts, training, inspection and rebuild services, or just answers to frequently asked questions, our goal is to provide solutions for every stage of your equipment’s life,” he said.

Over the course of the year, nearly 13,000 Tech Tips were downloaded by customers. Many topics are based on common questions. New this year were articles on identifying the recommended hydraulic oil and how to properly maintain the joint between fiberglass and steel connections. Other Tech Tips relate to specific Terex digger derricks, aerial devices, or auger drills. Tech Tip #134, for example, addresses how to adjust wear pads for TM models with end-mount platforms. The Hi-Ranger TM Series is a heavy-duty transmission aerial device used by line crews, offering working heights to 125 ft., basket capacities of up to 800 lbs., and material handling capacities of 1,500 lbs.

The Top 5 most popular Tech Tips of the 26 new posts in 2020 are:
#102 PTO Light is Flashing
#140 Disinfecting a Unit
#126 Replacing Leveling Chains
#109 Performing a Flow Test on a Pump
#63 Performing a Flow Test on a Valve Assembly

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