BTA Bullet Tooth Auger

Digger Derrick Augers

Terex BTA Bullet Digger Derrick Auger

The Terex® Bullet Tooth Auger (BTA) is designed specifically to improve the drilling performance of digger derrick augers in hard, fractural material such as limestone, lava, backfill material as well as cobbles and boulder type drilling conditions. 

The Terex® Bullet Tooth Auger (BTA) have a unique cutting pattern that allows each tooth to cut a small track which increases cutting efficiency and tooth life. Our cut pattern and tooth attack angle combine to allow the bullet teeth to act as “fingers” that penetrate through and lift up fractured or  broken material. This tool works with the digger derrick core barrel with extendable pilot bit option to improve functionality & increase productivity. 

Terex®    Bullet tooth auger (BTA) is manufactured with 1” lower flighting and 1/2” upper flight. 5/16” optional upper flighting. Drills hard materials that conventional augers cannot.

Standard components are as follows:

  • 2”, 2-1/2”, 2-5/8” or 3” Hex Hub available.


  • C10 RC1LR-SN (P# 65349086)


  • TPB1 (P# 65345795;65349085 pilot teeth)

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