TXCS Rock Auger

Digger Derrick Augers

Terex TXCS Rock Digger Derrick Auger

Terex® TXCS Series digger derrick rock augers are manufactured to improve the drilling performance of digger derricks, in limestone, medium sandstone, frozen materials, and medium to hard formations. 

This series of Augers has bolt on shank plate design. Standard flighting on Terex® TXCS Series digger derrick augers are as follows:

  • 2”, 2-1/2”, 2-5/8” or 3” Hex Hub available.
  • 5/16" thick carry flighting. 

Standard components are as follows:              


  • TX87 (P#65356898)   


  • C6-1/2-87 (P#T29936)

We're sorry there are no specifications for this product at this time.