Terex® to Show HyPowerâ„¢ IM with Operational Aid Enhancement at Work Truck Show

Watertown, S.D. (March 5, 2018) –HyPower™ IM, the popular idle mitigation solution from Terex Utilities, will be featured on a Hi-Ranger™ LT40 aerial device from Booth 5359 at the 2018 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ind. The patent pending HyPower Hybrid System for aerial devices offers a lighter weight system that reduces fuel usage and exhaust emissions, at a lower price point than other hybrid systems.


HyPower IM is a 48v Lithium ion battery system that charges from either a standard 120V plug in or the 12v chassis engine alternator during road travel. Using fewer, more efficient batteries than other hybrid systems, HyPower IM decNTEA18reases overall vehicle weight and increases payload capacity. It automatically switches from battery-stored power when the truck is in idling mode to engine-supplied power when hydraulic controls are engaged. Workers do not have to remember to engage the system to gain the benefit of utilizing the battery power system as it is integrated into the unit.


“Fleet managers were looking for efficient solutions to reduce emissions,” said Joe Caywood, Director of Marketing. “Terex develops new products and features like HyPower IM, as a result of listening to challenges our customer’s face, then seeking solutions to meet those needs. This is also the case with a new operational aid concept we are showcasing at TechAdvantage,” said Caywood.


The positive lanyard attachment warning system is designed to reduce the chance of an operator elevating the bucket without a lanyard attached. When an operator hooks the lanyard into the lanyard anchor a switch is displaced signaling that the lanyard is attached. Optional data recording can be used for training purposes.


“Terex continues to listen to industry feedback in order to deliver progressive solutions,” said Caywood. “The positive lanyard attachment device is currently a concept in development and we welcome additional customer partners to help develop this into a production-ready option.”


Visit Terex Utilities at The Work Truck Show at Booth 5359 and learn more at http://www.terex.com/utilities.

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