Terex Utilities' EV Bucket Truck with SmartPTO at EUFMC

All Electric Bucket Truck on street

Watertown, S.D. – (June 5, 2023) – When Terex Utilities introduced the industry’s first all-electric bucket truck in 2022 and the HyPower SmartPTO by Viatec in 2019, it represented more than just leading-edge technology. These are field-proven solutions that improve the work environment and present opportunities for electric utilities to meet their sustainability goals. Both were on display at the 70th Anniversary Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference, June 4-7. 

The Terex Optima 55 foot aerial device, powered by the HyPower SmartPTO by Viatec, is mounted on an International Class 6 Medium Duty electric chassis. “We are committed to helping utilities find the right fit for medium and heavy-duty fleet integration of electric or hybrid powered bucket trucks,” said Joe Caywood, Director of Marketing.   

While utilities are striving to reach net-zero carbon emissions goals over the coming years, some as early as 2030, there are other reasons to consider SmartPTO or the EV Bucket Truck, including health and safety reasons, reduced operating costs, ease of maintenance, and reliability. An improved work environment means worker exposure to toxic gasses is reduced or eliminated, fuel cost savings are realized, and the job site is quieter. “Customers have commented on all the benefits of quiet operation – being able to easily communicate between the crew on the ground and in the bucket and having a normal conversation, without yelling over the diesel motor,” said Caywood. 

“The Terex EV bucket trucks have been going into service and operating in most regions of the US and Canada since last year,” said Caywood. “Customers are using the all-electric bucket truck to complement their current fleet. We’re finding that range anxiety truly exists, and in order to alleviate this, we developed this solution so that it provides the maximum chassis range while powering the aerial separately.” The SmartPTO provides 28 kWh to operate the boom and all other hydraulic functions for a full workday. It does not take away range because it does not draw power from the chassis batteries.   

“We’ve found that customers who are experiencing the greatest success have a clear understanding of their routes, duty cycles, engaged all stakeholders early on - especially the crews; and developed a plan to access charging to get the benefits of running EV bucket trucks,” added Caywood 

HyPower SmartPTO is simple to install and can be integrated on most equipment. It powers the primary unit and auxiliary functions, lights and optionally the cab A/C. Operators can easily switch from engine to SmartPTO. Eliminating excessive engine idling reduces emissions and lowers engine-related expenses. The SmartPTO is available on Hi-Ranger and Optima aerial devices and Commander and General digger derricks. “This is a great option for those fleets not quite ready to switch over to the all-electric solution,” added Caywood. 

“Terex Utilities has actively worked with Viatec since 2019, and our parent company became the lead investor in Viatec last year. This field-proven system is delivering sustainable, profitable solutions for utilities of all sizes,” said Caywood. 


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