Terex Utilities Shows Commander Digger Derrick with FLEX PRO Control System at EUFMC

Digger Derrick in parking lot

Watertown, S.D. – (June 5, 2023) – The Commander and General Series of digger derricks from Terex Utilities are built for long-term reliability with industry-leading work zone capacities. At the 70th Anniversary Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference, June 4-7, Terex Utilities will demonstrate a Commander 4047 with new FLEX PRO controls. 

FLEX PRO is an optional control system that is available in any combination of consoles, dual joystick command post or radio controls. The control system supports below rotation controls like a corner mount swing away operator console, plug and play radio controls, dual command post joystick controls and other advanced operating features. 

“FLEX PRO combines the reliability and simplicity of Terex’s standard hydraulics with a state-of-the-art control system,” said Joe Caywood, Director of Marketing. “This smart system uses a controller area network (CAN) to communicate with the control stations and offers the flexibility to configure specifically to the utility line crew’s needs.”   

“This option complements everything you expect from a Terex® digger derrick, such as strong work zone capacities and a high strength box-beam boom design boasting strength and rigidity in an efficient package,” said Caywood. Terex digger derricks also feature dual hydraulic lift cylinders with trapezoidal design that stabilizes the boom during digging and rotation. 

With the addition of FLEX PRO controls, operators of Commander & General digger derricks have features that allow toggling between slow and fast modes for precise function control.   

Diagnostic information is displayed in several locations for easy access to troubleshoot electrical issues, and hydraulic overload or over temp warnings give operators greater insight into operational status. 

“Terex was the first in the industry to introduce a mechanical digger derrick back in 1945. The Commander Series was first introduced in 1966 and since then has been continuously improved to what many customers refer as the workhorse of their fleets.  This new optional control system complements the product line,” added Caywood. 

A wide variety of augers, designed for various types of soil conditions, further contributes to increased productivity on the jobsite. In addition, augers with interchangeable heads are now available. “We recommend the Bullet Tooth Augers for rock applications and the TX Series Augers for dirt or cobble conditions,” said Greg Adler, Regional Account Manager for Auger Tooling. “Terex also offers a Hollow Kelly Bar that is designed to allow the screw anchor to be inserted directly into the kelly bar and eliminates the need for a heavy screw anchor adapter – saving time and increasing productivity.” 

For more information on Terex® Digger Derricks, visit https://www.terex.com/utilities/en/products/digger-derricks


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