Z-45 SUB Lifts

Substation Utility Boom Lift

Terex Z-45 Substation Aerial Devices | Substation Lift
The Z-45 SUB (Substation Utility Boom Lift) is a purpose built mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) man lift specifically designed for substation work and other applications where an isolated lifts device is needed but use of a bucket truck is prohibitive. It is based on a Genie Z-45 XC and has been upfitted with fiberglass jib sections, fiberglass platform, and fiber optic platform controls.

Dielectric protection is provided by upfitting the standard Genie boom with fiberglass sections in the fly jib and fiberoptic platform controls. The unit also features a fiberglass bucket with a swing gate.

The Z45 Substation unit is designed in accordance with current industry and engineering standards applicable and accepted for structural and hydraulic dielectric design. It meets ANSI A92.20-2018 with ANSI 92.2-2015 Category E dielectric rating.
Specification Value
Working Height 51.5 ft
Platform Height 45.5 ft
Horizontal Reach 24.58 ft
Platform Capacity 660 lb Unrestricted, 1,000 lb Restricted
Z45XC-SUB Range of Motion Diagram

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