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Terex Damp Sand Frackin Awesome Solutions

Leaders in Damp Sand Production

Terex Washing Systems have been providing leading modular wash plants in damp sand production for many years. Whether it be large-scale mining production or small footprint “mini mining”, our modular systems are built to provide outstanding performance and easy setup to integrate into your existing operation or quickly build from scratch. We offer full turnkey setups such as our modular AggreSand 206 or more piecemeal options as well, like our flat bottom classifiers.

Our team of engineers and our dealers have extensive experience in the damp sand / frac sand and mineral washing industries and offer unrivalled service and support on your doorstep.  

So look no further, we are here and ready to bring your operation to the next level with our Frackin awesome solutions.

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Up to 300TPH

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Compact Machine Footprint

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Quick Assembly

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Produce All 100 Mesh Frac Sand or 100 & 200 Mesh Frac Sand Concurrently

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Unrivalled Support & Parts Network 24/7

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Damp Frac Sand

Craig N. Rautiola
Business Development Manager - North America
Sr. Process Engineer
M +1 414 419 3632

Terex Frac Sand

Jared D. Kennedy
Junior Technical Sales Engineer - North America
M (502)-432-4927