Terex Utilities Expands Boom Lift Options for Power Substation Maintenance

Genie Z-60 Lift in a gravel lot

Watertown, S.D. – (June 5, 2023) – Terex Utilities will introduce a Terex® Z-60 Substation Utility Boom (SUB) concept at the 70th Anniversary Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference, June 4-7. This concept vehicle will be used to assess the market need through a series of field tests throughout the year. 

This 60-foot class insulated mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) is based on a Genie Z-60 FE and will be an expansion of our SUB product line, joining the Z-45 SUB, which was first introduced in 2021,” said Robert Hasegawa, Product Manager. “Since the Z-45 SUB’s successful launch, customers have expressed an interest in taller MEWPs, as well as hybrid options for use in substations.”

The Z-60 SUB is designed for substation work and other applications where an insulated device is needed, and an articulating z-boom is a more effective option than bucket truck. Examples include working in tight areas where a trucks footprint is too large or applications where a higher level of boom articulation is needed.  Its dielectric features isolate the boom tip from the chassis ground, reducing the need to perform boom tip bonding. 

Featuring a fiberglass fly jib section and fiberglass platform with swing gate, the Z-60 SUB complies with ANSI A92.2 standard for Category E insulating rating of 20 kV. The standard fiberglass platform comes with floor grating and optional cutouts for increased visibility and water egress. The platform capacity is 500 lbs, with a 2-person occupancy.  

Based on the Genie Z-60 FE, the Z-60 SUB is hybrid-powered, assisting utilities in their goal of achieving sustainable fleets. It has two modes of operation. In all-electric mode, the unit can work a full shift on a single battery charge. In hybrid mode, it has more than a week’s worth of run time with a single tank of diesel. The hybrid system automatically senses if the batteries need to be charged and will use the 24 HP diesel engine and powerful generator to recharge the batteries. This system will charge depleted batteries to 80% in approximately 4 hours. The unit can also be charged using 120v wall power. In addition, it uses regenerative braking to recover energy that is in turn used to recharge batteries. 

“Both the hybrid-powered and all-electric modes allow operators to experience the benefits of lower noise pollution and less exposure to exhaust at the worksite,” said Hasegawa. “Better yet, operators will experience better communication during the workday, without having to yell over a diesel motor.” 

At 8 ft 2 in wide, the Z-60 has an 18 ft 8 in outside turning radius, 24 ft 3 in up and over clearance, and working range that takes the platform 10 ft below grade. Dual parallelogram and fully proportional controls enable precise positioning, which is further enhanced with a 5 ft jib that has vertical rotation of 135°. Full-time active oscillating axle help maintain traction, while 45% gradeability and 13 in ground clearance improve maneuverability in rough terrain.  For more information on Terex® Substation Utility Booms, visit https://www.terex.com/utilities/en/products/aerial-devices/substation


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