Belmans grinds big C&D volumes with CBI 6400CT

Richard Kogelman provides a CBI cake upon delivery of 6400CT Horizontal GrinderPICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Buiting and Richard Kogelman of CBI Europe present a CBI cake to David Belmans.

OVERIJSE, BE – Belmans Recycling takes pride in their fleet of high-performance equipment, ease of machine mobility, and 15 years of recycling expertise. They primarily serve customers who require treatment and disposal of waste for optimal recovery. Their key customers are in recycling and sorting centers, forestry operations, and biomass power plants.

CBI Europe sold Belmans their first CBI machine—a 6400CT Horizontal Grinder— in 2019. After being impressed by the quality of the product and aftermarket support provided by CBI Europe, Belmans decided to buy their second CBI: a custom-made 6400CT that includes a C32 engine, 4-axle dolly, and apron belt.

The 6400CT's heavy-duty wood waste design

“The CBI Magnum Force 6400C Horizontal Grinder is an extreme-duty machine engineered for resilience and high production when grinding contaminated demolition debris,” said Jeff Helle, product engineer lead at CBI. “ The 6400C features a solid steel segmented rotor fitted with our brute package. This rotor is ideal for harsh grinding applications where tramp metal and other contamination are commonly found. A key feature is the cassette-style rotor changing capability. An end user can swap the machine from the segmented grinder rotor over to a chipper rotor in less than a day. This gives the end user the ability to bid on more contracts that have a variation of product requirements.”

The 6400CT has thrived in the construction and demolition debris applications required in some of Belman’s recent contracts. 

Custom engine package for maximum production

The second 6400C that went to Belman’s Recycling received a customized C32 engine package to maximize their power and production rates. The high power requirement usually comes from contracts with strict tonnage requirements per hour. The C32 engine is the highest horsepower option currently offered by CBI—the Stage V version is 1,125 horsepower and the T4F version is 1,200 horsepower.

Uptime is key to success in any wood waste application but even more critical in an application with large metal contaminants and tough construction and demolition debris. The 6400C has proven to handle challenges thrown its way, including a large piece of steel that was recently detected by the machine’s Metal Detection System (MDS).

About CBI’s Metal Detection System

A problem for any industrial grinder has to do with tramp metal entering the hog box and causing significant damage, which leads to downtime. CBI’s Metal Detection System (MDS) engages within milliseconds whenever the grinder’s rotor makes contact with tramp metal. The rotor is monitored by an adjustable electronic sensor to alert the control system when tramp metal is detected. The MDS will automatically lower the engine RPM, raise the top feed roller, and reverse the infeed to allow the operator to find the tramp metal. The MDS system’s sensitivity can be adjusted up and down for the application and can be precise enough to detect a small plastic bag of bolts.

The metal detection capabilities in CBI grinders has been ideal for Belman's wood waste applications. Belmans will use their newest machine for grinding waste wood and green waste in jobs across France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

​​​​​​Additionally, CBI added an apron belt to better handle the contamination in the waste wood applications that Belmans often encounters. The grinder is also equipped with an automatic greasing system, which will continually grease the machine at a set amount and time interval from a singular point on the machine. The customer will only need to maintain the grease level of the central distribution unit. The rotor will be hard-faced, to prevent abrasive wear on the body of the rotor, which in turn helps extend the life of the component. Finally, CBI added a 4-axle dolly, which will provide flexibility in moving the machine.

The CBI production team stood up to the challenge of implementing the modifications to the build while working to ensure the product would be delivered to the customer on time.

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