Simmons & Simmons Elevates Operations with 5th CBI Grinder

David Simmons in front of his CBI grinder

In the heart of innovation and efficiency lies the partnership between Simmons & Simmons and CBI, a bond recently strengthened as Simmons & Simmons proudly acquired their 5th CBI grinder. This decision was not just a mere purchase; it was a strategic step towards furthering their commitment to excellence in land development and site management.

A History of Growth and Success

Simmons & Simmons' experience with CBI grinders over the years has been a cornerstone of their growth and success. The company has consistently harnessed the advantages of easy maintenance and high production capacities to fuel their operations. By investing in CBI equipment, Simmons & Simmons has been able to process wood materials more efficiently, reduce downtime, and ultimately boost their bottom line.

Overcoming Mobility Challenges

One key project that highlights the significance of CBI grinders' mobility for Simmons & Simmons is their consistent struggle with challenging terrains and site development. The mobility of CBI grinders has been a game-changer in such scenarios. It allowed them to access difficult landings and navigate complex work sites with ease. This capability has not only saved time but has also opened new possibilities for the company.

Versatile Fleet for Diverse Projects

The versatility of Simmons & Simmons' CBI fleet has empowered them to embrace diverse projects and efficiently reuse end products across various applications. Whether it's processing wood waste for renewable energy or crafting wood chips for landscaping, their CBI grinders have proven to be adaptable and highly effective. This adaptability translates to reduced waste, enhanced sustainability, and maximized resource utilization.

Demonstrated Durability

Simmons & Simmons' commitment to CBI equipment is underscored by the impressive number of operational hours their machines have accrued. Their highest-performing machine has tirelessly operated for 14000 hours, exemplifying the durability and reliability of CBI grinders.

The Promise of a 5th Machine

Acquiring their fifth CBI grinder is a testament to Simmons & Simmons' confidence in the equipment's capacity to elevate their productivity and capabilities. With a fifth machine in their fleet, they envision a significant boost in output and efficiency, ultimately taking their business to new heights. This addition will allow them to handle larger workloads, explore new projects, and further solidify their position as industry leaders.

Simmons & Simmons' decision to invest in their 5th CBI grinder showcases the enduring partnership between the company and CBI. With a history of success rooted in easy maintenance, high production capacity, and versatility, Simmons & Simmons is ready to embrace new challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Their story serves as an inspiration for businesses in the industry, highlighting the transformative potential of CBI equipment.

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