High volume compost grinders

compost recyclingCBI manufactures industry leading compost grinders for high volume production at a low cost per ton. In many states, organic material like brush, leaves, and grass have been banned from landfills because biodegradable waste in landfill breaks down to biogas containing methane, which if not captured is a potent greenhouse gas that harms the environment. Plus, much of this material is easily recycled into very valuable end products like fuel, mulch, and soil amendments. Aside from the economic benefits of high-volume compost production, well-published studies have confirmed compost's positive impact on sequestering CO2 and improving soil health.

Municipalities and private contractors frequently turn to CBI for the world’s most productive and efficient compost grinders. Contact us today and learn how a CBI grinder can accelerate your composting operation!

6800CT Horizontal Grinder runs at COMPOST 2019

CBI and Terex Ecotec recently ran live product demos at the U.S. Composting Council’s 2019 Demo Day—the largest “live” equipment demonstration for the composting and wood recycling industry in the U.S., with attendees representing key decision makers in its compost industry. The CBI 6800CT Horizontal Grinder and Ecotec TTS 620T Trommel Screen generated interest with their elite production and precision. Locally in Arizona, CBI grinders have been critical for fire prevention and forest restoration initiatives in National Forests.

Chuck Magee, a CBI customer who attended CBI’s Factory Forum in October and recently purchased a grinder for waste management in California, also attended the Compost Show and was impressed with the total value Terex offered. He comments how delighted he is with the return on investment he is getting on his machine, both with its productivity and in the aftermarket support he has been getting from the CBI team.

For the Ecotec line, Product Manager George Wilcox has been instrumental at educating stakeholders and in the region and throughout North America. Wilcox explains how some of the 620’s benefits align with customer needs—specifically, how it can screen compost at a high production level while outputting a fine, consistent end product that is very marketable to vegetable and produce growers in Arizona.

Neal Nowick, GM of Terex Newton said, “The Compost Show Demo Day was an important event to show the capabilities of both machines to our customers, particularly since this year it took place in Arizona—with Western U.S. as an important growing market for CBI and Ecotec. We look forward to building on the momentum of the show and following up with connections made.”

Learn more about CBI's full line of horizontal wood grinders at this link.