Log Screw

CBI Log And Stump Screw Splitter Attachment

The CBI XLP Log and Stump Screw is designed for maximum size reduction of butt logs, pole wood, and stumps into a more manageable-sized material. Designed to fit excavators and skid steers to get larger jobs done with maximum efficiency. Adjust the pressure and ramp up the flow to increase production. The XLP’s motor is equipped with custom options to increase maximum speeds, lengthen motor lifetime, reduce pressure drops and ensure safe startups in the harshest climates.

Specification Value
Weight 1,500lbs / 540kg
Cone Head Diameter 16" / .40m
Capacity Flow: 20 - 50 GPM Pressure: 3,000 - 5,000 PSI / Flow: 10 - 25 GPM Pressure: 2.06 Pa - 3.44 Pa
Motor Size 94hp Poclain MSE-18 / 70kW Poclain MSE-18
Transport Dimensions 65" x 20" x 18" / 1.64m x .71m x .56m

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