CBI 8400 Industrial Wood Chipper

CBI 8400 Industrial Wood Chipper
The Magnum Force Chipper (8400) is one of the largest and most productive mobile drum chippers in the world. It provides up to 700 cubic meters per hour of high-quality chips for the boiler fuel, pulp, and OSB markets. Unique features include a shear pin protected chip breaking grate ensuring uniform chip size with virtually no overs, and an adjustable, reversible anvil allowing the operator to customize chip size while assuring maximum service life. Built on the same platform as the 8400, the entire unit can easily be converted to a grinder with CBI's quick change rotor and screen system.
Specification Value
Engine 1050 Horsepower of 1200 Horsepower options / 782 kW or 894 kW options

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