5800BT Horizontal Grinder

5800BT Horizontal Grinder grinding logs

No other horizontal wood grinder cures the headaches of load restrictions and permitting as much as the CBI Magnum Force 5800BT Portable Upswing Grinder. This portable horizontal grinder was developed to feature the same principles of the proven CBI 6800BT Grinder but is purpose-built for contractors dealing with transportation restrictions. Like CBI’s other horizontal grinders, the 5800BT never compromises strength or performance.

Specification Value
Rotor Size Width: 48” - Diameter: 40” - Shaft: 6” / Width: 1,219mm - Diameter: 1,016mm - Shaft: 152mm
Engine CAT C18; 765hp / CAT C18; 570kW
Fuel Capacity 350 Gallons / 1324 Liters
Machine Width Transport Width: 8’-4” / Transport Width: 2540mm
Machine Length Transport Length: 38’-11” / Transport Length: 11860mm